Panerai Pocket Watch Tourbillon GMT Ceramica PAM00446

Yes, you’re right. WristwatchWorld is monitoring the world of WRISTwatches. But sometimes, a sidestep is allowed. Especially when the sidestep involves a 59 mm ceramic case, a tourbillon and the Officine Panerai brand. Meet the PAM00446:


The pocket watch ref. PAM00446 is presented at last months SIHH, and combines an exclusive and big pocketwatch case in a high-end material with fine haute horology inside.

The Ceramic case is 59 mm of diameter, and consists of zirconium oxide. This material is made from powder which is isostatically pressed, and then it is formed in its shape by grinding. Effectively, it delivers a case which shows extreme hardness (up to five times as hard as stainless steel), and great resistance to shocks and scratches. The dark looks make it aesthetically attractive as well.


Inside there is the P 2005/S Tourbillon movement, enhanced by a skeleton structure which enables a great view to the technical heart. The tourbillon cage makes two rotations per minute perpendicular to that of the balance. This technical tour-de-force is developed in house and compensates more running errors due to gravity.

The PAM00446 is manufactured in a limited edition of 50. Price? 165 K euros.

See the official movie at our facebook page:


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