Rolex Milgauss- the perfect magnetic shield


In 1956,  Rolex introduced reference number 6451, which became famous under the name “Milgauss”. The watch had a special purpose: the facilitate people who are working in areas where electromagnetic fields can do harm to the timing of a wristwatch. The Milgauss was fully designed as a antimagnetic watch, capable to withstand a magnetic flux density of 1000 gauss (hence the name).

The Milgauss led a rather anonymous life in the seventies and eighties, not really on the radar of collectors and buyers.  In 1988, Rolex ceased production. As a side-effect, the low sales figures made the watch rare and interest grew from watch afficionados.

In 2007, after almost two decades of absence, Rolex brought the Milgauss back in production: reference number 116400 is now available in three versions:white dial or black dial with a standard  sapphire crystal, and the GV (Glace Verte) or “Anniversary” model, with black dial of a slightly different design and a green-tinted sapphire crystal.  The GV is still in production, and demand is high.


The current model Milgauss is equipped with amagnetic alloy Parachrom hairspring, to provide additional protection against magnetism and movement encasement by a Faraday cage.

The Milgauss, starting life in the fifties as a not-so visible part of the Rolex family, has earned its place as a special-purpose watch, beautiful by its simplicity and quality. And hey, If Bond is wearing one, it should be good!

Daniel Craig Rolex Milgauss

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