Romain Gauthier Logical One: Constant Force for the 21st Century


‘Coming from an engineering background, it appeared strange to have a high precision machine forced to run at varying power levels. So I started with the premise that it would be better to have constant energy.’  with these words, independent watch maker Romain Gauthier explains the starting point which led to Logical One, his latest addition to the innovations in high-end horology.

Logical One features a triple patent-pending Romain Gauthier flat chain-and-fusee style constant force system. His reinvention of the chain-and-fusee, one of the oldest and most traditional methods of supplying constant force to a watch/clock movement , should make it more reliable, more effective and more constant. The clou of Logical One, the replacement of the fusee with a slowly rotating snail cam, which is situated at 10 o’clock to the left of the hour/minutes dial. 

constant torquerg_fusee

As the snail cam and mainspring barrel are on the same level, the force is always transmitted in a straight line and, as only one short line of chain is needed, the links can be bigger and stronger.

The second patent-pending innovation Gauthier has added, is a further improvement of the chain itself. The traditional method of joining chain links is improved by placing a fine sheet of paper between the links and connecting plates, riveting them together and burning the paper away.  As a result, a fine tolerance is created, which adds high-precision and rules out “the weakest link”.


As a third innovation, Romain Gauthier has added a innovative push button winding system, with the pusher elegantly integrated on the left. As you can see, all the innovation is displayed beautifully, so the proud owner has the possibility to enjoy and demonstrate these great new innovations!

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