Harry Winston Opus 12

Since the start of the millenium, Harry Winston Rare Timepieces has created a tradition that makes the world watch holding its breath each year round Basel: The Opus line. Each year Harry Winston presents a unique timepiece, in cooperation with the worlds leading independent watchmakers. In 2012, Opus 12 was the latest addition.


Opus 12 is created by Emmanuel Bouchet, who had the honour to follow illustrous predecessors as Francois-Paul Journe (Opus 1), Vianney Halter (Opus 2), Felix Baumgartner (Opus 5) and Greubel Forsey (Opus 6).

Harry Winston claims that  Opus 12 shows innovations which are never shown before. It is not that the way the hours and minutes are shown are completely new. The way the minute and hour hands are moving actually is..



At each of the 12 hour positions there is a two-sided marker about 5 mm long. One side of the marker is longer, representing the minutes hand, and the other side is shorter, signifying the hour hand. Each marker, or hand, is attached to a driving wheel, and each displays a blue face when it indicates the time and a neutral face when it does not.

In the middle, a minute digit counts every 5 minutes, which is the timeframe in which the short markers switch.

Every hour, it’s showtime at Opus 12. The inner crown wheel, which has remained stationary for 60 minutes, advances around the dial, driving the rotation of the hour hands in rapid succession and shows each hour blue for a second at a result.



Opus 12 is produced in a limited edition of 120 pieces, each costing around 240,000 euros. See all the previous Opus timepieces below. More info can be had at http://www.harrywinston.com/store/timepieces/opus .


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One Response to Harry Winston Opus 12

  1. SuperSwede says:

    Interesting piece, but Opus 6 & 11 are my favorites!

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