Wristwatchworld starts trading

As most of you will recognize, wristwatches provide unlimited passion and inspiration. For as long I can remember, I am admiring watches, reading magazines, attending exhibitions and, finally, collecting fine pieces. At the age of 17, I purchased my first IWC, a   Quartz Fliegeruhr. More IWC’s followed in the years to come. As the purchasing power grew, an Doppelchronograph and a steel Da Vinci followed.  Purchasing power has its limits (I am not Bill Gates..) so I had to sell watches to buy new watches: the trading began.

Two years ago, I started Wristwatchworld. Not with a specific goal in mind, but purely as a hommage to the beautiful art of high-end wristwatches. Today I start trading again. Not as a means of living, but out of passion and joy. I will only buy and sell watches I truly like myself. Every watch I will sell will be difficult for me to part with, because I want to keep every watch. But the combination of searching, collecting and selling will give me the most delight. Today start the trading, the networking and the sharing of my passion with other afficianados.

Every watch I will offer for sale, will have books and papers, and will be in good to excellent condition. I will mention prices which include worldwide shipping through Fedex.

We’ll take it from here!

Nick Meijer


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