Jochen Benzinger- Master engraver from Pforzheim

In 1995, Jochen Benzinger and Hermann Grieb founded “Grieb & Benzinger”, combining their expertises of engraving to the highest detail with master horlogerie.  The label specializes in beautiful, one-off high end watches, like the “minute repeater DS, no. 2023” with recently sold for 114000 euro

Under his own name, Benzinger  builds unique watches as well, using calibers from famous brand, like the “IWC-Jones-Regulator”, with Hand-guilloched Sterling silver dial. During the last few years he has specialized in hand-engraved and engine turned watches and movements, offering completely unique timepieces made to customers’ specifications

Furthermore,Benzinger offers an interesting and wide array of subjects. He engraves and engine turns dials, jewelry such as pendants, lockets and picture frames as well as caps for fine pens. Check more details and contact info at

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