IWC Charity “Mission Earth” Auction

On March 20th, Banker David de Rothschild and his crew took off the coast of San Francisco with his ship “Plastiki” for a 130-day journey to Sidney, Australia. The Plastiki, made of 12500 plastic bottles, and the trip was developed to address the problem of waste in the world. The website (worth visiting!) gives us food for thought: e.g. during the trip of 3120 hours, in the US alone approximately 7800 million plastic bottles were produced (…)

Captain David de Rothschild was wearing an IWC Platinum Ingenieur Automatic Mission Earth Edition ‘Adventure Ecology’ during the trip.

To celebrate the Plastiki’s imminent arrival in Sydney expedition sponsor IWC Schaffhausen will be auctioning this very watch. The auction will run from July 23rd to August 7th and all money raised will go to the Sculpt the Future Foundation who promote positive environmental change; funding activities and expeditions to support creative, innovative and sustainable action.

Check Your offer from UKP 30,000 will be entertained..

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