a brief encounter with an old friend

Last friday, I had a short meeting with my old friend Cees. When I last saw him, 7/8 years ago,  he was actively involved in watch trading. Every time we met,  he used to show me some Rolex watches (usually Daytona’s and GMT’s) and other interesting timepieces. More than 12 years ago, I purchased my very first IWC Doppelchrono from him. In recent years, I lost track of Cees and my wristwatch passion. But something happened. Cees lightened my fire, just by asking “why don’t you pick up the trade? It’s fun!”.

Later that day, I decided to combine my professional expertise (internet strategy, social media) with my passion for wristwatches. Without any plan or serious preparation, I decided to create a watch channel, focusing on high-end wristwatches. One rule: The channel should be based on existing social media platforms, and the only investment will be my time. Welcome to WristwatchWorld!

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