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Wristwatchworld has undergone a restyling! As per March 1st, 2013, our site has changed, to make our posts from the world of high-end wristwatches even more attractive. Please follow us from here: http://www.wristwatchworld.nu

Hope to see you soon!


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Panerai Pocket Watch Tourbillon GMT Ceramica PAM00446

Yes, you’re right. WristwatchWorld is monitoring the world of WRISTwatches. But sometimes, a sidestep is allowed. Especially when the sidestep involves a 59 mm ceramic case, a tourbillon and the Officine Panerai brand. Meet the PAM00446:


The pocket watch ref. PAM00446 is presented at last months SIHH, and combines an exclusive and big pocketwatch case in a high-end material with fine haute horology inside.

The Ceramic case is 59 mm of diameter, and consists of zirconium oxide. This material is made from powder which is isostatically pressed, and then it is formed in its shape by grinding. Effectively, it delivers a case which shows extreme hardness (up to five times as hard as stainless steel), and great resistance to shocks and scratches. The dark looks make it aesthetically attractive as well.


Inside there is the P 2005/S Tourbillon movement, enhanced by a skeleton structure which enables a great view to the technical heart. The tourbillon cage makes two rotations per minute perpendicular to that of the balance. This technical tour-de-force is developed in house and compensates more running errors due to gravity.

The PAM00446 is manufactured in a limited edition of 50. Price? 165 K euros.

See the official movie at our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wristwatchworld/140827579260719?ref=hl


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Vacheron Constantin 1972 Prestige


On the occasion of the opening of it’s new flagship store in Paris, Vacheron Constantin recently revisited it’s stylish, assymetric “1972” model. This elegant watch, named 1972 Prestige, is offered in two variations: the limited edition of 40 “boutique edition in white gold with silvered dial and black leather strap . This version will only be available through the VC boutiques.

The non-limited version has a different pattern on the dial, grey satin-finished sunburst dial with chevron motifs is shown aboveand is recognizable by its rose gold hands.


the 1972 measures 25mm x 47mm, and has a asymmetrical white gold case (8.72mm thick). In addition to the original version, it carries the  hallmark of Geneva, hand-wound VC caliber 1003. This caliber is known as the thinnest hand-wound caliber in existence, only 1.64 mm. thick. The Caliber 1003 is a revised version of the original, introduced in 1955 at the 200th anniversary of VC.


The 1972 Prestige is a very stylish and eccentric addition to the VC programme and the high-end watch scene in general. Not the most obvious choice, but imagine the appearance wearing it with your handmade-suit.  The limited edition is available at $ 40,000.

The Hour Lounge, VC’s own watch forum, is showing more photos and in-depth information here: http://www.thehourlounge.com/thread/view/in-the-flesh-photos-of-the-1972-prestige-limited-edition_78930_78930.html .

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Patek Philippe 5110/5130 is your favourite World Timer

Yesterday, we launched our first poll, asking you what your favourite World Timer wristwatch is. Thank you for all the votes!

The winner, with 44% of the votes, is:


The Patek Philippe 5110/5130 series!

Number 2: Jaeger LeCoultre Master Geographic.


Numbers 3 and 4: Girard Perregaux WW.TC and Greubel Forsey GMT, respectively.

We will post a new poll next week!

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POLL: What is your favourite World Timer?

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F.P. Journe Vagabondage I & II

in 2004, Auction house Antiquorum celebrated its 30-year anniversary. To celebrate this, a charity auction was held where, amongst others, Francois-Paul Journe presented the Vagabondage 1, in a series of three. The watch showed a rather unusual tonneau-shape.

December 2007 Auction

shortly after, a series of 69 were announced, which sold without any promotion, and without even shown to the watch world.

In 2009, the Vagabondage II was introduced. Limited to 68 in gold and 69 in platinum, the II has a “digital” dial, similar to the Lange Zeitwerk. To me, this timepiece is even more appealing than the first edition!


the II has a manual winding, caliber 1509, and a power reserve at 12. the movement is clearly visible through the smoked sapphire crystal case, on front and back. I find it a great achievement, that even without the F.p. Journe signature, the Vagabondage shows unmistakenably the hand of the master!


Of course, “Invenit et Fecit” is visible on the back 😉

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Market Watch: the IWC Da Vinci Ref. 3750

The IWC Da Vinci ref. 3750 is considered an iconic watch since its introduction in 1985. The combination of a perpetual calendar, year display and perpetual moon phase display was unique, especially at a price that wasn’t stratospheric. In the next 20 years, the Da Vinci perpetual family covered a series of variations in case material (steel, gold, platinum), complications including rattrapante and tourbillon and case (39 & 41 mm.)


The brilliance of it’s technique is described thoroughly on the net. Watchmaker Nicholas Hacko mentions his professional respect for the complexity of a 3750 (http://nickhacko.blogspot.nl/2011/07/iwc-da-vinci-ref-3750.html),  and  http://www.mkmotorsport.com/watches_IWC.html shows detailed specification of the 3750. At Timezone, I found a very readable article by Walt Odets. (http://people.timezone.com/library/horologium/horologium0015)

In 2005, the 3750 and it’s successor, the larger 3758 were replaced by a new generation. In this article, we take a closer look at the availability and market value of the 3750-series.

Ref. 3750- Gold (1985-2005)

The classic 39mm was available in yg and white dial. 17 examples show up at chrono24, ranging in price from $ 10-24,000. Of course, condition and service history are very important for these watches. Very few watchmakers are able to service or repair this watch. The 3750 is mostly seen with champagne dial. The rarer black dial version shows no difference in value. The rare ceramic version is hardly seen on the market.


At auction houses, good deals could be had in 2012. Danish auction house Bruun Ramsussen sold 2 examples in the last two years, at $ 6500 and $ 7700 respectively. Bonhams and Antiquorum sold examples in the $ 8800/10,000 range recently.

Ebay US shows a beautiful example at $13,000, while Ebay Germany starts at 7900 euros for a fair one.

Ref. 3750- Steel (1998-2005)


In 1998, the steel Da Vinci appeared, featured with a black dial. In the current market, these are valued slightly less, starting at $ 7500 at chrono24. Mint and fully serviced ones easily reach values comparable to the gold version. Auction houses show similar prices.

Ref. 3751/3754- Rattrapante (1998-2005)


In 1998, the split-second version was introduced, first in 39mm, and later in bigger 41mm version (3754), both in gold and platinum. The gold ones range from $17-25,000 on the market. The limited edition platinum versions are of higher value.Recently, a platinum one sold at Ebay for slightly under 30,000 euros.

Ref. 3758 (2005-2008?)


The larger-cased non-rattrapantes carry reference number 3758. These versions rarely come to market. Steel ones start at $ 12,000 and gold versions are in the $ 18/24,000 region.

Ref. 3752- Tourbillon (2001-2006?)


The Tourbillon was the pinnacle in mechical timekeeping. A true understatement, as the only sign on the dial was the mention “tourbillon”. Of course, the sapphire glass back shows the masterpiece in all its beauty. With 50 examples produced in platinum and 200 in yellow gold, these items are rarely seen. Chrono24 shows two gold ones in the $40-46,000 area, and one platinum at $ 47,000.

Do you have additional information? Please let me know!

Main picture courtesy of Antiquorum.

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